Fed up with Java Installer or Update adding extra rubbish to your Browser?

By | 27 January, 2015

If you have installed the consumer version of Java, or updated it lately, then you notice that by default it checks to boxes to install the Ask search provider and make Ask your home page.  If you forget to uncheck the boxes then you have the pain of trying to uninstall it later.

Installers should NOT make changes to your browser.

There is a lot of software out there that does this sort of thing which is completely unfair, insecure, and anti-competitive.

Prevent Java Installer from doing this:

I have written detailed instructions on how to do this on my company blog, click the link below or the image to the right:

Stop Java installer adding unwanted search and toolbars on Windows

Installing rubbish like this confuses users that have limited computer knowledge and understanding, it is very deceptive and causes users to distrust important security updates.  It is a very unprofessional of getting products installed onto users computers, when they do not want them.