Building WFView on Mac OS

By | 2 May, 2022

I have managed to build my own version of WFView from the master branch.

This was done on Mac OS 12.3.1 (Intel)


  • Install Xcode
  • Install Mac Ports
  • Under your home directory create a directory called dev/wfview
  • Install Mac Ports dependancies:
    sudo port install qt5
    sudo port install qt5-qtmultimedia
    sudo port install opus-tools
    sudo port install eigen3

Clone sources:

Under dev/wfview clone the git repository:

git clone

Download and unpack QCustomPlot in the same directory.

tar xzf QCustomPlot.tar.gz

Create empty build dir:
mkdir build

Locate qmake binary:
find /opt/ -name qmake

Example output:



Change to build dir and run:
/opt/local/libexec/qt5/bin/qmake ../wfview/

Example output:

Info: creating stash file /Users/steven/dev/test-wfview/build/.qmake.stash
Project WARNING: Qt has only been tested with version 11.0 of the platform SDK, you’re using .
Project WARNING: This is an unsupported configuration. You may experience build issues, and by using
Project WARNING: the 12.1 SDK you are opting in to new features that Qt has not been prepared for.
Project WARNING: Please downgrade the SDK you use to build your app to version 11.0, or configure
Project WARNING: with CONFIG+=sdk_no_version_check when running qmake to silence this warning.

Now run:
make -k

If successful you will have a in your build directory. You can copy this to your Applications folder, when you run it may ask for permissions to access certain folders, click allow.


2 May 2022 – I have also built successfully from the wfserver branch.